Camp Three Forks
15 KOA Road
Three Forks, Montana 59752
Camp Three Forks is located three (3) miles from the City of Three Forks. Three Forks, Montana is aptly named. This is the location of the confluence of the Jefferson, Gallatin and Madison Rivers that form the mighty Missouri River. These waters then flow north from Three Forks and wind all the way to the Mississippi river some 2,565 miles distant. The Missouri River, the longest in North America, drains approximately one-sixth of the North American continent.

The area is rich in the history of the expeditions of early American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

The spectacular scenery around Camp Three Forks is highlighted by itís proximity to the Tobacco Root, Madison, Gallatin, Bridger and Elkhorn Mountain Ranges and the areas rivers, streams and high mountain lakes. The area teems with endless natural attractions, events and opportunities.

Whether you are RVíing, tenting or looking to rent a small comfortable cabin, Camp Three Forks, is highly touted by all itís visitors as one of the stateís premier campgrounds.
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Camp Three Forks, Three Forks, Montana