Camp Three Forks
15 KOA Road
Three Forks, Montana 59752
Things to do . . .
Drouillard Fishing Access - distance from Camp Three Forks 1 miles ( 1.63 km)
  The Drouillard Fishing Access on the Jefferson River is just one-half mile from Camp Three Forks. In July and August, this river is slow and low and provides the perfect opportunity for a picnic, doing a little tubing or fishing or taking your dog for a swim. It is also a great area for bike riding. There is a three-mile long pave bike trail from the access into Three Forks.
Wheat Montana - distance from Camp Three Forks 1.3 miles ( 2.11 km)
  Wheat Montana Farms has become the model agriculture operation of the Northern Great Plains. The operations encompass 12,000 acres of the most productive soil in Montana. Here they not only grow the wheat, they dough it and create fabulous baked bread and other delectable products. Enjoy their fantastic deli.
City of Three Forks - distance from Camp Three Forks 3 miles ( 4.88 km)
  Home to around 1800 residents (2100 including surrounding area), Three Forks is a thriving town that retains its Old-West charm. Three Forks has a past rich in history and a present rich in community. The City boasts several parks, children’s activities and a tennis court. Use the link below to view the City’s calendar of events.
Sacajawea Hotel - distance from Camp Three Forks 3.3 miles ( 5.36 km)
  A historic hotel on the Lewis and Clark trail in the heart of Montana where the past and present meet. Enjoy the “undaunted hospitality” of the Sacajawea Hotel and Restaurant. Built in 1910, “The Sac” stands proudly on the corner of Main Street.
The Headwaters Trail System - distance from Camp Three Forks 3.7 miles ( 6.01 km)
  Selected as Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks as Trail of the Year, this paved six-mile trail runs from the Three Forks Golf Course to the Missouri River State Park. This trail has its very own bridge across the Madison River. By taking the paved bike trail from Drouillard Fishing Access, you can ride your bikes to and through Three Forks all the way to the Missouri State Park.
Headwaters Golf Course - distance from Camp Three Forks 3.9 miles ( 6.34 km)
  The Headwaters Public Golf course, built by Three Forks citizens in 1986, is known for water, wildlife and the wondrous mountain views in all directions.
One of the few golf courses in Montana open year-round, the course takes full advantage of the area’s mild winters and typical deficiency of snowfall. Don’t be surprised to see golfers out on this course in late December and early January. If the course is bare, it’s 40 degrees or better, this course is open.
Fishing - distance from Camp Three Forks 4 miles ( 6.50 km)
  Bring your fly-fishing gear. Fishing the headwaters of the Missouri River near Three Forks provides sports persons with hundreds of miles of accessible blue-ribbon trout fishing. The Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson, and Missouri rivers are among the world's most famous trout waters.
Within Three Forks City limits, the Three Forks ponds are great for canoeing, kayaking and children’s fishing.
Headwaters State Park - distance from Camp Three Forks 6.7 miles ( 10.89 km)
  This park encompasses the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers. Lewis and Clark anticipated this important headwaters all the way up the Missouri River. An easy three-mile drive off Interstate 90 at Three Forks, this undeveloped park provides outdoor interpretive signs, picnic spots and short hiking trails—just as the Corps of Discovery found.
Buffalo Jump Sate Park - distance from Camp Three Forks 12.7 miles ( 20.64 km)
  You’ll find this day-use-only park seven graveled miles off Interstate 90 at the Logan exit. Take a picnic along and hike to the top of the jump for impressive views of the Madison River valley. Imagine how the area might have looked when prehistoric people “called” bison to jump to their death below the cliffs. Interpretive displays help visitors understand the dramatic events that took place here for nearly 2,000 years.
Mountain Hiking Trails - distance from Camp Three Forks 30-40 miles
  The nearby Tobacco Root Mountains offer some terrific hiking to some beautiful mountain lakes, including Lost Cabin and Hollowtop Lakes. Access to the former lake is easy, right up behind the historic gold mining town of Pony. Access to Lost Cabin Lake is monger and rougher, up the very middle of the Tobacco Root Mountains, but the views past the mining community of Mammoth are spectacular. After a hike, a ten-mile drive will get you to Norris Hot Springs for an evening soak.
Lewis and Clark Caverns - distance from Camp Three Forks 15.2 miles ( 24.70 km)
  Montana's first and best-known state park showcases one of the most highly decorated limestone caverns in the Northwest. Naturally air conditioned, these spectacular caves, lined with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and helicitites, date back through time. See the geologic development, the history of early exploration and gain an insight into the delicate ecology of this world without light. Plan to spend a minimum of two hours to hike two miles on a guided tour through the caverns. The park also provides hiking trails, a visitor center and an amphitheater.
Yellowstone National Park - distance from Camp Three Forks 116 miles ( 188.50 km)
  Camp Three Forks is a great base camp or an enroute stop for your adventure to Yellowstone National Park. Camp Three Forks is located 116 miles from the Park entrance at West Yellowstone.
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Camp Three Forks, Three Forks, Montana